Thanks to AI,
we are now eating better

Illustration by Mathieu Clauss
Gabby Nguyen | 2min read

After several crises in the food industry, we can no longer be completely confident about anything we put into our mouths. In this day and age, a problem which seems to have been solved like food demand, is now becoming a concern as the amount of clean food may not be not sufficient for all of us. But on a bright side, we have to admit that we are now eating better with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

1. Grow better food with AI technology

What if one day, AI could help farmers improve the quality of food right on their own lands? That’s the goal of Sentient, a company that’s using AI to monitor the effects of variables like UV light, salinity, heat, and water stress on basil. With the data, they’re developing “recipes” for the perfect crops. At the farming level, AI is also being used to detect plant diseases and pests, improve soil health, and more. The food we consume can reach its perfect stage of condition from the very beginning.

2. Quality and safety assurance from factories to consumers

Until now, there are still controversies about the regular use of milk, resulting from the concerns about production process as well as the preservation of milk. Is the glass of milk we are holding in our hands now assured of quality and safety after going through several processes? With AI, we can completely test that. Preventing foodborne illnesses is top of mind for all food companies and having perishable foods in transit at the right temperature, preventing contamination, is a major part of the food industry’s supply chain process. The partnership between Cornell University and IBM is the turning point in using Big Data to control the supply of regular consumer food. 

By looking at genetic sequencing and bioinformatics analytics, IBM and Cornell hope to identify traits and determine what should be normal and what is abnormal. The Ithaca-based plant will help monitor and test throughout the entire dairy supply chain — from the farm to processor to consumer.

3. Automate nutrition planning

With AI technology, our own body metrics input into applications will be evaluated and analyzed comprehensively to give out the most ideal figures about body composition, adherence, weight change rate trends, hunger, fatigue, and a handful of other metrics. Not only does it help making the food we are consuming completely clean and nutritious, the AI technology also helps us choose what our bodies are in need of. We are now on our own initiative to decide what we feast on. 

And like that, we are eating better thanks to AI.

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