A scene of a pizza delivery guy ringing the doorbell and waiting for tips has become a legendary scene in every single American movie. In the last 20 years, the fast food industry has achieved unprecedented success. Globally, the fast food industry generates over $570 billion of revenue, which is even higher than most countries’ economic value.  In the United States, there are now over 200,000 fast food restaurants, which are visited by estimatedly 50 million Americans every day.

As the market competition is getting more intensive, fast food brands have joined the historic race to entice customers. The triumph will belong to whom understand that technology has profoundly transformed the fast food industry and embrace technology to create their own competitive advantages. One of the leading fast food brands, Domino’s Pizza, has achieved unprecedented success by applying AI flexibly and effectively.

1. Joining chatbot movement​

Domino’s Pizza has been utilizing chatbot to increase order rates and enhance customer experience. Through Anyware platform, customers can order a Domino’s pizza effortlessly via Google Home, Alexa, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, smart watch, or the Domino's app. Chatbot is able to give advices on choosing dishes and allow customers to order faster and much easier than contacting the switchboard. This stunning tool will also automatically save the order history and customer address. Since 2017, Domino’s chatbot has attracted more than 1 billion customers only on Facebook Messenger.

In February 2017, Domino’s Pizza affirmed its competitive advantages through a new features via Facebook Messenger chatbot on Super Bowl Sunday - Dom. This AI application allowed consumers to begin placing an order by sending a message that only contains the word “Pizza”, which gave its customers an ease in the ordering process. During Super Bowl 2017, figures showed that Domino’s Pizza has sold 12 million pizzas, five times greater than a typical Sunday.

2. Adding voice activation via Google Assistant

Following the release of its augmented reality (AR) in 2018, Domino’s Pizza has demonstrated its customer-driven strategy through  adding the ability to track orders via Google Assistant. In 2019, Domino’s has partnered with Google to add a new way for customers to place and track orders via the Google Assistant. Last year, the company also launched this ordering service on Amazon Alexa, which allow customers to place a ‘saved order’ via voice activation through their Google Assistant.

According to CMO.com, Domino’s also launched an AR pizza ordering service on The Pizza Chef in 2018, which is available through the QSR’s (Quick service restaurant) mobile app. Beside helping customers to customise and order their pizza, this AR technology also links to the full menu, latest deals and order tracking using existing GPS Driver Tracker technology.

3. Offering reward points through AI technology​

In February 2019, Domino's unveiled the latest in a long line of technological PR stunts: Points for Pies. Customers can simply download the Domino's app and use it to take a picture of a pizza. For every picture the app identifies as pizza - Domino's or otherwise, you get ten points (with a limit of ten points per week). Once you get 60 points, you'll be entitled to one free medium two-topping pizza from Domino's. According to report from Popular Mechanics, the app is powered by artificial intelligence, trained in-house to recognize all breeds of pizza from a homemade pie to a cartoonish dog toy. 

As a matter of fact, Domino’s app has proved the significant power of technology. The allure of a free pizza is designed to entice you to download the Domino's app, which makes it easier for you to order Domino's. If you order Domino's, you're probably going create an account that includes your name, email address, phone number. On top of all that, the Points for Pies program requires you to think about Domino's, and about opening the app, at least once a week.

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​Say cheese! Domino's new AI technology will reshape

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Illustration by Visansaya Loisawai
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