4 Computer Vision predictions

for 2019

Gabby Nguyen | 3min read

The application of Computer Vision (CV) is reshaping every aspect of our daily lives. In transportation, CV can help autonomous vehicles detect objects and reduce accidents. In retail, businesses apply CV to improve store layout and customer flow. Being considered as an impressive advancement of artificial intelligence, the technology will continue to scale at an accelerated pace and its influence in various industries is also getting remarkably significant. Here are 4 trends in computer vision that will dominate the 2019 world.

1. Computer Vision comes home:

In 2019, Computer Vision will become the next frontier for AI home assistant. CV is capable of enhancing your accommodating security, safety and comfort. Welcoming face recognition to your home system will enable your smart door to unlock when you arrive and remain locked when an unfamiliar person (face) approaches. Amazon’s Echo Look is one such example, as Netatmo Welcome uses facial recognition technology in outdoor security systems to distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar people approaching your home. Taking it a step further, indoor security cameras will send an alert to your smartphone in emergency situations.

This 2019, Computer Vision will continues to hold the keys to a smart house with its outstanding feature: voice-based system. Consumers will soon have these devices to listen to news, conduct voice-searches, and verbally control systems in their homes.

2. More industrial, supply chain, and inventory CV applications

As manufacturers look for new ways to reduce labor costs and improve safety, they’ll increasingly invest in CV applications that can outperform human vision in assisting in critical manufacturing functions. Machine vision for supply chain enables 100% verification accuracy for the receiving, shipping and loading of pallets. In warehouse and logistics, vision-enabled robot can navigate a warehouse and do various tasks like pick-pack lists, especially when there are high insurance type situations. Companies with major logistics operations invest in CV technologies for faster and better distribution. Recently, Walmart and Target have already invested in inventory robots with cameras.

3. Cashier-less stores - No checkout lines and smart everything

In 2019, more and more retailers besides Amazon will deploy cashierless technology to enhance customer experience. The pioneer in check-out free concept, Amazon Go, is supposed to open as many as 3,000 of its cashierless stores by 2020, according to Bloomberg report. Customers can check in at the entrance of the store via Amazon Go app, and then pick up any items they need. Amazon will track the products automatically through a combination of computer vision and deep learning tech. When you finish shopping, just leave and the store will charge your Amazon account. With the help of computer vision, we are paving the way to a brand new kind of smart store: No lines and no cashiers.

4. Climate change concerns will drive more investments in predictive agriculture


CV is revolutionizing many farming tasks, such as planting seeds, harvesting crops, distributing pesticides, water, fertilizer, and much more. Using CV technologies in predictive farming can help growers farm more sustainably by leveraging technology such as drones to efficiently manage water supply, sensors to identify growing patterns in order to maximize yield.. CV technologies can be a big aid to humans as we continue to grapple with a changing climate and invest in minimizing environmental damage. In general, computer vision will keep on reshaping various sectors of the economy. In the upcoming years, computer vision and its outstanding features will become a familiar concept to everyone, and it is exciting to see the broader public take notice of the technology that is transforming everything from the way we shop to the way we live our daily lives.


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